10 Insanely Cute DIY Crafts For Kids

Make your kids do something other and useful than watching TV or playing computer games all day long. Especially in the winter when it’s cold and they can play outside much, this will be a perfect way for them to creatively express themselves, for you to learn what they really like and what they want to do. You will spent more time with them and together you can make the perfect creations or simply let them do what they want to, while you make great gifts for them as a surprise.


Pom-Pom Pens

All the girls will love them and i’m sure you’ll be their favorite person.

DIY Crafts For Kids

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Sandpaper Printed T-Shirt

I think that they will love this! You can even save it and give them when they are older.It might be the best present.

sandpaper-print-tshirt, DIY Crafts For Kids

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Simple Shadow Puppet Theater

I bet this new thing at home will be more interesting for them than a regular TV show or a cartoon.


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How to Make Glitter Playdough

There won’t be anything more interesting for them than making something with this awesome thing.


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Make Your Own Jellyfish in a Bottle

Even I find this extremely interesting.I believe your kids will love it.

101106_jellyfish, DIY Crafts For Kids

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Make Unique Go Fish

A nice interesting game for the kids that is easy to make.

DSC_0515 copy-cs3-blog

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DIY Holiday Hats For Every Occasion

I believe that they will enjoy wearing these unique hats, that no one on the party has.


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DIY Kids: Easy Bird Feeder

If you can’t make a bird house, than make your kid happy by making this.I bet they will be at the window every morning to see if the bird ate some of the food.


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Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Perfect for a summer game in the yard.


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Lava Lamps -Summer Fun-

I don’t think that there will be something more fun than this for a few days.


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Your kids will love them! It’s up to you to choose which to make from these DIY crafts for kids

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