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Here Are the Most Interesting 4th of July Nails Art Ideas for Your Pleasure

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The Independence day is near, and i suppose all your home decoration are ready and all done. One more thing you can do to celebrate this day in a unique way besides shirts, sneakers and shorts wit the 4th of July design, you can do your nails to. Pretty interesting idea right? I choose this 10 for you that looked most interesting to me, and i’ll probably use one of these ideas! Hope you’ll like them.

4th of July nail Art Tutorial

This tutorial and design are not very patriotic, in the means of there is not american flag or stars or anything like it. But however they have the most important colors for this they and are very simple. I like them.
4th of July nail art
via prudentbaby.com

Nails Inc Jubilee Crystal Color Swatches

Sparkly like the firework for our great day. So easy to make, no need of drawing or changing nail polishes, it has all the colors needed and sparkly.
nails inc jubilee crystal
via apolishaddict.com

Nailed It!

Very easy and interesting one. It is a kind of a remake of the USA flag, but instead of stars dots are used and it still looks great.
Easy flag nails
via thebeautydepartment.com

American Flag Nail Art Tutorial

It’s never to late to give some patriotic spirit to your nails.
Amercan flag nail art
via totallyloveit.com

Memorial Day

Stars colors, red, white, blue, painted nails. All that remind as of the memorial day, so that means that when painting the nails like that we give a message that everyone understands. Very easy to make on your on.
Memorial Day
via spellboundnails.blogspot.com

Stenciled Star Nails

I’ll just say my FAVORITE! I fell in love with this nails and i make them in many different colors for different occasions. For this occasion,this big day, they are prefect when the tree colors are used.
stencil stars
via chalkboardnails.com

Patriotic Nail Edition

We can make and draw on our nails many things for patriotic purposes for this day. Mostly are flags and stars, but here wit use of only red, blue and white, we have the same effect.
via alllacqueredup.com

Patriotic 4th of July Nails

Again stars and mixed colors that at least for me look much better when mixed like this and not the same old way by drawing just a flag. I really like them.
July 4th nails
via ifeelpolished.com

Forth Of July Star Nail Art

Red, white and blue are the colors of the day. The nails will look perfect no matter what you will draw if they have these colors. But added a little spark in them will make it look even better.
4th of July nails
via fashionpolish.com

Red, White and Blue 4th of July Nail Art

This art is very interesting because it indicates the way we celebrate this holiday. It is different than other designs and it’s really colorful.
July 4th nail art, 4th of july nail art
via  setinlacquer.com


Choose some of these nail art ideas and be the coolest gal for today. They are all interesting. Do you love them? If you do, don’t forget to like them and share them among your friends.

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