Check Out All The Child Development Milestones

There are a number of different child development milestones. Children are able to reach milestones in how they move, behave, play… There are hundreds and hundreds of child development masters programs you can find online. If you are alone growing a child, very recommended to date online. Look through this senior singles dating site to make your life unordinary.

1 Month

In the beginning you might think that all your baby does is sleep, eat and cry, but you are mistaken. By the end of the first month your baby will start moving the body and become more responsive to sounds. Your baby will start to make some body movements to attract your attention. You will also notice that he will watch you while you hold him/her.

3 Months

This is one of the most important child development milestones. Most of the child development masters programs say that when your baby is three months of age a huge transformation will be made. Your baby will become more active.

7 Months

At seven months your baby will experience the most important changes. This is the period when your baby will start using all senses, such as hearing, vision and touch. You will notice your baby sitting up, rolling over, grasping and crawling. This is an early child development milestone.

12 Months

All the child development masters programs say that the twelve months of age are very important for you, because your baby will become increasingly mobile. It is a huge development that will have an impact on both of you. This will be a challenge for you and your baby as well. Your child will start to feel physically independent.

child development milestones
2 Years

This is the period when your baby becomes a toddler. It is one of the most important child development milestones. Your baby will enter into a whole new world, starting to talk, walk and crawl. Exploring new things will be a challenge for your baby.

3–4 Years

When your child celebrates his/her 4th birthday you must realize that he/she is no longer a baby. These are one of the best years because your baby will begin to have a vivid imagination and a fantasy. But you should let your child be a kid because after one or two years he/she will mature.

4–5 Years

Another important phase on our list of child development milestones. Before you know it the 5th birthday of your child will come. This is the period when your child develops a more independent behavior with lots of bossiness and energy. It is the time when your kid enters into the world of kindergarten. You will be surprised by how many interesting ideas will come out of your child’s mouth. Kids can be very interesting with their imaginative ideas.

6–12 Years

When your child is somewhere between the ages of 6 and 12 he/she will start to form friendships, relationships with family members, teachers… Some of these moments can create stress and this could be bad for your child. So, always make sure that you know everything your child does.