Increasing Iron Absorption: The Definitive Guide

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Increasing iron absorption is the most challenging part of treating iron deficiency. You’ll need to learn: how to naturally increase iron levels, design recipes, know the enhancers of iron absorption, inhibitors, when to take supplements … if you want to have normal iron levels.

If you want to increase your iron levels (and who doesn’t on these cold days) then this guide is a must.

Treating Iron Deficiency: Now and Then

Before the internet, the only knowledge we had on iron deficiency came from our doctors, and the only solution we often had was to take supplements. Fortunately, those days are past.

Make no mistake: Visiting your doctor is always recommended. And taking iron supplements is always effective. But the results are extremely short lived.

Patients that do well today, and live happy with their chronic iron deficiency (or anemia) dedicate a big chunk of their time on reading and researching.


Because our bodies, as well as the chemical reactions in us are complex.
And having normal iron levels in your blood once again, is not easy.

But once you understand how your body works, the rewards are huge: you’ll be able to maintain normal iron levels despite your chronic iron deficiency. Which means less anxiety, headaches and more energy in your body.

The Ultimate List of the
Best Resources for Increasing Iron Absorption

From iron’s role, to increasing its bioavailability, this guide has you covered

Iron FundamentalsIron Deficiency Symptoms
Natural RemediesIron Absorption Enhancers
Iron Absorption InhibitorsRecipes for Anemia
Iron Supplements TipsCase Studies and Resources
Chapter #1:

Iron Fundamentals

If you have just discovered you have iron-poor blood, or you simply want to know why your iron levels are low – these resources will help you understand the basics of iron metabolism. You’ll learn the importance of iron for our bodies and how one becomes deficient of this nutrient.

Chapter #2:

Find Out Which Are the Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency

There are a dozen ways to notice that you may be iron deficient, but even having those symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you are iron deficient. You’ll learn the most common symptoms of iron deficiency, and how to get tested to be sure.

Chapter #3:

How to Increase Iron Levels with Natural Treatment

I believe that choosing drugs should be the last option. And this is the case for MOST health problems out there. Most of the time, we cause our problems through unhealthy habits, and the best ways to solve them are already in nature – you just need to make them your habits. You’ll learn various natural and homemade remedies to help you with treating iron deficiency.

Chapter #4:

How to Increase Iron Absorption with the Help of Other Nutrients

Absorbing iron in your body doesn’t translate to eating iron rich foods, therefore iron absorption is rather a complex process. You’ll learn how the iron is absorbed, and which micro-nutrients increase the bioavailability of iron.

Chapter #5:

Learn What Foods Inhibit Iron Absorption

There is an on-going “battle” in your body about which nutrient is to be absorbed. You’ll learn what minerals compete with iron for absorption, and what are some other nutrients that inhibit iron absorption.

Chapter #6:

Recipes Designed to Increase the Bioavailability of Iron

The internet is full of ’10 foods high in iron’ type articles. That’s fine, but according to the resources above, just eating iron-rich foods is not enough, especially to anemic people like us. Hence, here are a few recipes that are specifically designed to increase the bioavailability of iron with the help of the nutrients mentioned in Chapter #4, while avoiding as much as possible nutrients from Chapter #5 .

Chapter #7:

How To Get The Most Of Iron Supplements

Health is not a game. There are situations when the only option left is to take iron supplements. You’ll learn about various brands of iron supplements, tips for usage/before usage, and everything else you need to know if you are about to take supplements.

Chapter #8:

Learn from The Best Case Studies and World Class Resources

Nothing beats the old-fashioned case studies to show you what’s working. Here are some of my favorite case studies (and other resources) that helped me understand the whole iron metabolism.



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