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Losing Belly Fat Case Study: How To Lose 17lbs in 14 Days

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logo-finalnoHere is the brutal truth about losing belly fat:

The internet is overcrowded with so-called fitness experts that underestimate the power of belly fat.

They share things like “5 exercises to burn fat” or “Eat protein to lose belly fat”.

If only it was that easy…

If you are serious about cutting your belly fat, you need a good strategy to design your day for a healthy life.

Otherwise, you’re simply taking the “Eat protein” approach.

That’s why today I am going to show you how Aleksandar Serafimovski (my brother) lost 6.75% of his body fat using The Belly Grater Formula.

And he did it even though he never eats breakfast, due to having college classes in the morning.

Nor did he exercise due to a lack of free time.

Now, I’ll walk you through the exact step-by-step process he used.

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The Belly Grater Formula (Losing Belly Fat Without Strict Dieting or Exercising)

On September the 14th, Alek started executing The Belly Grater Formula.

After just 2 weeks, he went down 17 lbs on the scale.

Before and After the belly grater formula

But more importantly, the fat in his body – mostly around the belly – was reduced by a 6.75%.

Callipers proof for losing belly fat

NOTE: Using calipers is the cheapest method for body fat measurement, so it’s not always 100% accurate

As a nice bonus, here are his perfect blood test results too.

Blood Test Results

NOTE: The language is Macedonian (my native), but the numbers are important here!

It’s cool seeing this in pictures… but in reality, it’s hard to achieve your body goals and remain healthy at the same time.

But it is possible. Wondering how Alek did it?

Here it is:

Follow These 4 Steps if You Want to Lose Stomach Fat.

First, here are the 4 steps that comprise The Belly Grater Formula:

Step #1: Boost Your Metabolism (Phase 1: Your Morning Rituals)

Step #2: Consume Natural Energizers (Phase 2: First 4-5 Hours of Your Day)

Step #3: Eat Whatever You Want for Lunch and Dinner (Phase 3: Next 8 Hours of Your Day)

Step #4: Let It Burn (Phase 4: Last 4 Hours of Your Day)

The best part?

This works no matter how old you are or how much you weight.

Good luck.

Step #1: Boost Your Metabolism (Phase 1: Your Morning Rituals)

how to lose stomach fat phase 1

This is the heart of this formula.


In essence, Metabolism is every single chemical reaction in your body.

Or if we break it down, there are two categories:

Catabolism – the breakdown of energy sources in the body (carbs, fats and proteins).
Anabolism – the process of “feeding” the cells with all the required nutrients.

In other words, it’s very important for maintaining a healthy weight.

What you’ll do here is detox your body while boosting it with everything it needs to keep the metabolism rate UP.

Don’t get scared – this will take just 10 minutes of your day to do…

The metabolism boosters are the best twist I’ve ever done in my life. Especially cold showers. If I didn’t drink hot water in the morning, I’d forget what it feels like – Aleksandar Serafimovski

What Alek did was not some “5 detox recipes for a flat belly” nonsense…

…but my trio-fantastico secret that even I do every single morning.

And I can proudly say that the following 3 techniques are the reason for the excellent results Alek achieved.

Here they are:

A Glass of Hot Water…
Hot Water

…is your first task of the morning.

This is something Alek never skipped.

And here is why:

1. It will slightly increase your body temperature, which has two main benefits you want to hear:

  • Promotes healthy sweating.

You want this to happen, because that’s how our bodies detox on their own.

  • Also, increased body temperature results in an increased metabolic rate.

In other words, when your metabolic rate is UP, your body will burn more calories…

…and we all know what burning calories means.

2. Cleanses digestion and flushes toxins.

Water in general has minerals (Metsovas) that are essential for the digestive process.

Indeed, drinking warm water will speed up this process by melting and breaking up the foods in your stomach, thus making it easier for you to digest the food.

BONUS: You can drink another glass after a meal. As I mentioned above, it helps you digest the food.

If this is still hard for you to believe in:

Think about when you cook something like fried meat. How do you clean the pan? You let it sit in hot water, and the fat melts. Period.

3. Improves your bowel movement.

Drinking a hot glass of water on an empty stomach decomposes the remnants of food particles in your intestine, thus making bowel movements smooth and painless.


This is a simple and really helpful step to follow, and all you need to do is boil some water.

Warning: It’s healthier to boil it on your own rather than drinking it straight from the water heater – mostly because heaters are full of limescale.

Morning Stretch-Out.


Here are the extra 10 minutes I was talking about.

This is not an exercise, but simply a 10-minute morning stretch-out routine.

And don’t skip it, because the routine Alek was doing every morning is highly beneficial for your weight and health in general:

1. It helps to relieve stress.

Even though many won’t link this to weight loss, I do.

When you are stressed, you feel uncomfortable and subconsciously you seek joy. And what’s the first thing you have in mind that reminds you of a joyful moment?

Eating ice cream.

2. Improves Blood flow.

If you follow me, you’ll hear these three words all the time, because it’s extremely important for anyone who lives a healthy life.

BBC’s episode “Our Secret Universe: The Hidden Life In Our Cells” simply explains how the cells are fed by nutrients.

You guessed it – the blood distributes them.

3. The routine Alek practiced has moves designed to fill your body with oxygen.

Oxygen flow has tons of benefits for your weight-loss plan, most of which you’ll read about here all the time (digestion, detoxification, metabolism).

4. Stimulates digestion.

Even though any stretch-out routine is beneficial for the digestive system, the routine shown below has two exercises designed specifically to promote your digestion.


Finally, here is the routine Alek used every single morning. Don’t forget to listen to what Matt is talking about while you are exercising.

If you like to expand your knowledge, here is a super awesome guide for stretching.

Cold ShowerIce Shower

This one is my favorite part of this weight-loss plan.

As I said, this is my ‘trio fantastico’ for every morning.

And that’s what Alek was doing:

He’d wake up, drink one hot glass of water, then stretch-out, and finally he’d take a cold shower.

He says it’s the best routine he’s ever established in his life.

Since the benefits are amazing from the above two, the cold shower is the cherry on top:

1. It burns fat.

While many don’t know this, there are actually two types of fat in our body:

  • White fat – the bad fat; this is accumulated in the body as energy (calories), but is stored as extra fat because those calories were not spent (burned).
  • Brown fat – the good fat; this is here to generate HEAT when our body needs it, and is activated when we are exposed to extreme cold.

And this is the case for cold showers.

What’s really cool here, according to this study, is that brown fat stimulates weight-loss.

2. It improves blood flow.

When your body is exposed to cold temperatures, the arteries begin to rapidly pump blood around the body in order to “wrap” all the freezing organs with fresh, HOT blood.


For many, taking a cold shower is harder than climbing Everest.

Trust me when I say that Alek thought the same … for a whole 3 days.

He now takes cold showers every day, even though he’s stopped dieting.

And I do too.

For the record:

Throughout history, hot showers were invented as a LUXURY to the human kind. They don’t provide any health benefits.

BONUS: Sassy Water

The night before you start, prepare the famous Sassy Water.

A huge thanks to Cynthia Sass, the inventor of this recipe.

Cynthia says it’s the first step for a flat belly, although I say it’s your extra leg for a flat belly.


First off there is ginger, which has many health benefits that are linked to a good metabolism rate:

  • It inspires the Digestive Juices – the acids that break down food.
  • It improves the blood flow – a KEY factor for the effective distribution of nutrients.
  • It boosts your immune system – which will keep you warm on cold days, and will promote healthy sweating (which does a lot more than just detoxifying the body).

The cucumber and lemon are excellent natural diuretics, which increase the passing of urine. The cucumber is a great antioxidant as well, and contains enzymes that promote the kidneys to burn fat through the urine.

Finally, the mint is the cherry on top which will soothe your stomach, and it is believed that it soothes the nervous system as well, which is a nice bonus.

Here is how to make it:

1. Carefully wash all of the ingredients (cucumber, lemon, mint, ginger), because you won’t peel them.

2. Grate some of the ginger root. You’ll need 1 tbsp per bowl.

3. Cut one lemon into slices, and one small (or half, big) cucumber into slices as well.

Don’t forget that you should not peel them.

4. Fill a bowl with 2 liters of water (or 8 cups, it’s not a big deal, since 2 liters is 8 ½ cups).

5. Pour the ingredients in the water, and add 10-12 mint leaves.

6. Let it sit in the fridge overnight.

Drink from this water whenever you want. It’s especially beneficial on an empty stomach.

Step #2: Consume Natural Energizers (Phase 2: First 4-5 Hours of Your Day)

There isn’t a “normal” breakfast in my diet plan.

Instead, there are 3 types of energizers that Alek consumed every morning, starting with nuts:

Nuts: Super Fats.


Right after you finish your morning rituals, it’s time to reward your body with some fiber and protein so it can serve you for the rest of the day.

What worked best for Alek is the following, IN THIS PARTICULAR ORDER:

1. He’d crack six to seven shelled walnuts, and eat them immediately.

It’s important to buy shelled walnuts and crack them on your own (as they have more nutritional value), but don’t stress if you can’t find them.

Maybe it’s not their season.

2. He’d eat two Brazil nuts.

3. Then a handful of almonds – which translates to roughly 10 almonds.

Here are the nutrition targets you’ll achieve:

Nutrient Targets = Nuts

So not only will you get 11% of your daily fiber intake, and 15% of your daily protein intake with a handful of nuts…

…but you’ll also get all the Omega you need (Omega 3 and 6) to help you dissolve those Triglycerides in the blood.

What’s cool, is the ratio between the Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids:

While not many people care about this, but in order to get the most out of the fatty acids, you should consume Omega 6 at least twice as much as Omega 3.

The best way to do this?

Nuts and seeds:

Nutrient Targets = Nuts Omega 3 i 6

The ratio here is 5:1, but in Alek’s case it is usually balanced throughout the day because Omega 6 is found only in nuts, seeds, and some green leafy vegetables.

You can eat 5 more almonds for the rest of the day, and 2-3 more Brazil nuts. Do that if you lack energy, if you experience food cravings, or on ‘Fresh Days’ (more on that soon).



From the moment you wake up, for the next 4-5 hours you won’t have a normal meal.

You’ll eat the nuts above, and the seeds shown below.

Meanwhile, you are allowed, and should eat around 2.5 lbs of ONE fruit.

1. Choose a fruit for today.

Every day you eat one fruit type, except on ‘Fresh Days’.

You are not to eat bananas or grapes.

Of course, eating them won’t be the end of the world, as there will be only a few more calories your body will have to deal with.

2. Eat 2.5 lbs of your chosen fruit.

The trick here is to eat those 2.5 lbs until one hour before lunch.

If you didn’t finish those 2.5 lbs, it’s fine. Just don’t eat fruits after lunch.

Seeds: Nature’s Energy Drink.

seeds for flat bellyHere is it:

1. First, remember when you woke up.

As I’ve already mentioned, the first two phases of this diet are in the first 4-5 hours from when you wake up. And this is how you end that phase.

Full of energy.

So when Alek woke at 7 AM, he would eat the seeds around 11 AM, and eventually 12 pm (it won’t hurt).

2. Take a cup and mix the seeds in it.

This is a no-brainer. Just take an empty cup and fill it with the following:

  • 1 tablespoon of raw pumpkin seeds
  • 1 tablespoon of raw sunflower seeds
  • 1 tablespoon of raw flax seeds (I prefer whole)
  • 1 tablespoon of raw sesame seeds

3. Add 1 tsp of Malt Barley Syrup (optional).

If you have a sweet tooth, this is for you. It’s sweet, and it will satisfy your sugar cravings.

Alek was hooked on ice cream for the whole summer, and this was the only way he satisfied his sugar cravings.

With or without the syrup, what we have here is another good chunk of your daily fiber/protein needs…

…again with a handful of seeds:
Nutrient Targets = Seeds

And again, the Omega 6 – Omega 3 ratio is almost perfect.
Nutrient Targets = Seeds Omega 3 i 6

Now it’s time for you to eat something normal.

Step #3: Eat Whatever You Want for Lunch and Dinner (Phase 3: Next 8 Hours of Your Day)

And I mean it.

You are to have a flexible diet, eat whatever you feel like eating today, but of course, there are some rules:

Reminder: Don’t eat fruit for at least one hour before your lunch.

boiled food for flat bellyPreparing Food.

You are allowed to eat anything – as long as it’s boiled.

I believe that every human being who is conscious about their health always choose boiled food, since there are many benefits from it.

1. First, and something that is important for all of us, is the ease of cooking it.

I believe that many of you are super busy, and boiling food requires only filling a pot with water, and setting the alarm to remind you to turn off the cooker.

Meanwhile, you are free to complete any task you were to about to do anyway.

2. Better digestibility factor.

Boiling food renders it in a way that the fats are dissolved in the boiling water, thus making it far easier for us to digest the food.

3. Also, for my diet plan, it’s important to note that when boiling food, all the nutrients are preserved, and the food can be saved and eaten later (more on that soon).

Here is what not to do and why:

  • Fried food is never welcome. EVER.

It’s unhealthy in so many ways. If you choose to eat it, that’s fine with me, but the results won’t be as satisfying.

  • Avoid roasted/baked food as well.

However, this is not nearly as dangerous as fried food. I’ll be honest and tell you that once a week I allowed Alek to eat something baked.

  • No dairy products, no sweets, and no refined grains.

These are the only things that are completely not allowed.

I wholeheartedly believe that 100% of those reading this know that sweets, chocolates, pasta, and dairy foods are something humans invented for luxury, and are not a necessity. If you have sugar cravings like Alek, you should opt for Malt Barley Syrup, or eventually eat one square of Pure Dark Chocolate.

That’s on you.

Lunching vs Dining (Main Meal)

healthy lunch

You already know how you should prepare your food, and now it’s time to learn how to consume it.

1. Whatever you choose to eat for lunch, eat the same thing for dinner…

…but cut the size of the portion in half.

For lunch, there are no limits on “how much”.

So when Alek cooked spinach for lunch, he’d eat as much as he could (seriously, no limits), and then he’d eat one more plate for dinner…

In the past it was believed that eating the same food would help you maintain a healthy weight in the long run.

I became fascinated with this belief, and through my journey, I discovered that it’s actually true, only I made a small twist.

Here is why you should do this:

  • You’ll eat less – of course, if you ate Quinoa for lunch, it will be not as satisfying if you eat Quinoa for dinner.
  • More varieties of Gut Microbes – microbes are those tiny invisible dudes in our belly that have a lot of functions, like digesting food or producing vitamins.

And Dr. Daniel Bolnick, an ecologist at the University of Texas, reported that mixing various foods resulted in a decreased number of the variety of microbes inside the stomach.


Honestly, there were days when the nutritional value of Alek’s ‘Main Meal’ was poor, and that’s why he ate a lot of fresh salad…

2. Eat lunch/dinner with a lot of fresh (vegetables) salad.

fresh vegetables salad

Whatever you chose to eat, even if it’s polenta, go for lots of fresh salad.

The goal here is to get as much nutrient value as you can.

Since you’ll be eating one ‘Main Meal’ per day, there will be days when the nutritional value is really poor.

That’s why you’ll be creative with the salads and you’ll tend to eat various, colorful ones every day.

You can choose any FRESH vegetable for your salad, and here are the allowed extras:

  • Olive oil
  • Lemon (no vinegar please, only in situations when you can’t avoid it, such as restaurants)
  • Salt
  • Chia seeds
  • Grounded flax seed
  • Turmeric (Kurkuma)

(You can choose something other than the above; the main point is to opt for healthy extras.)

Also, eating salads with every meal will fool your tummy into thinking it’s full, and you’ll stop eating sooner than you were used to.


Proteins vs Carbs (choosing what to eat)

vegan proteins

I said that you can eat whatever you want, and I mean it.

However, there are things to note if you want to get the most out of this weight loss plan.

1. Focus on protein-rich foods.

Maintaining a good protein level is a must for healthy weight loss, but that doesn’t mean you should eat only proteins.

Alek is vegetarian, so for him it was almost impossible to eat ONLY protein.

However, when we planned his meals, almost every recipe he ate for lunch/dinner was rich in protein.

(At the end you’ll find Alek’s complete meal list, and a personal tracker for you to use.)

For all the fellow vegans/vegetarians out there, keep in mind the Essential Amino Acids.

Even though the variety of seeds and nuts is huge here, and you’ll probably consume all of the Essential Amino Acids anyway…

… it’s good to know some vegan foods that are complete proteins.

Here they are:

  • Quinoa
  • Buckwheat
  • Chia
  • Rice and Beans (combined, since both lack some of the essentials on their own)
  • Hummus and Pita.

And here is a list of 81 vegetarian protein-rich recipes.

2. Avoid meat.

I am born vegan. My body can’t handle extra cholesterol, and it makes me wanna throw up.

And I am glad I forced Alek to at least go for a vegetarian way of life.

So folks, deal with it.

Meat is bad.

Our liver produces all the cholesterol it needs for a healthy life.

So, eating cholesterol is kind of bad for your health.

Unfortunately, everything that comes from animals has some cholesterol in it.

Anyway, this is up to you. If you can’t give up meat, that’s cool.

Especially if you are an active person, then feel free to eat as much meat as you want as long as it’s boiled.

Just try to stick with fish or chicken.

3. The day after carbs (Fresh Day).

There will be days when you’ll eat corn, potatoes, whole-grain pasta, or some other pure carbs source.

I asked Alek not to do that, but that if he did, to be honest and tell me.

What he did after a carb day was something I call a ‘Fresh Day’.

On those days you are allowed to eat only FRESH fruits and vegetables.

The only rule here is to eat fruits in the morning, and once you move to vegetables, there is no going back to fruits.

There are no limits on what and how much to eat.

Drinking Water


I didn’t know where to put this, so here it is.

I am huge fan of the simple things, and how most often the key for everything is in the basics of living.

In this case:


1. Drink about 2-3 liters of water daily (70-100 oz)

As I mentioned earlier, water contains minerals that are essential for digesting food.

Alek struggled with keeping track of how much he drank, so small bottles were what worked best.

Buy 5-6 small bottles (500 ml), and fill them with filtered water in the morning.

Now you have the perfect way of keeping track of how much water you drink.

2. Don’t drink water after eating main meals!

Another thing I’ve found that makes you fat is drinking water RIGHT after you eat. Especially cold water.

This is because cold water hardens the fats you consumed, thus making it harder for you to digest the food you ate.

So, try not to drink water for at least an hour after you finish eating your meal.

NOTE: This is only for main meals. When you eat only nuts, seeds, fruits or vegetables, you are allowed to drink water.

Step #4: Let It Burn (Phase 4: Last 4 Hours of Your Day)

This is simple.

No eating before bed… for a whole 4 hours.

If you are hungry, you can eat fresh salads, without limits.

But try to eat your dinner (main meal) at least 4 hours before you go to bed.

On the other hand, if you didn’t eat anything for dinner (this will happen, trust me)…

…then go for a salad-only dinner choice.

This often happened to Alek because there a lot of energy sources in this diet. So, it’s important to note that there is no ‘main meal’ before you go to bed.

It’s Your Turn To Rock

I really hope you see the potential for losing belly fat in this formula.

Yes, it requires organization and a bit of preparation, but it’s well worth it.

And with The Belly Grater Formula you already know that your hard work will pay off (instead of counting calories, you designed your day in order to get the most out of it).

All you need is some action.

Fortunately, I’ve prepared something for you.

A personal tracker for executing The Belly Grater Formula.

In this tracker you’ll get all you need in order to follow this formula.

1. All the steps you need to follow.

2. Alek’s meal list, as well as a tracker to keep track of what you eat.


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